Thinking about bidding at auction or putting an offer on a property? Make sure you’ve ticked these boxes first:

  • Confirm that the bank has approved your finance for this particular property
  • Get an independent building report to ensure that the property is in good condition
  • Request a current LIM from the local council and ask your lawyer to review this
  • Order the property’s title documentation and have this reviewed by your lawyer too
  • Ask your lawyer to check that the conditions in the sale and purchase agreement suit your circumstances
  • Ensure you have enough funds available to pay the deposit
  • Contact your KiwiSaver provider to check your eligibility for a first-home withdrawal


Note: This post is brief and general in nature. You should not treat it as legal advice and should seek professional advice before taking any action in relation to the matters dealt with in this post. Armstrong Murray accepts no liability for losses suffered by any person or organisation who may rely directly or indirectly on this post.