Notary public

Auckland notary public

A notary public witnesses signatures on legal documents, takes sworn documents, administers oaths and certifies the authenticity of legal documents for use overseas.

One of only four notaries public on Auckland’s North Shore, Armstrong Murray’s Chris Davis has been a notary public for over 20 years.

A notary public must have practised law for more than ten years, owned or been a partner of a law firm for over seven years and been appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in England.

Appointments are required for notary services and are generally available on all weekdays except Wednesday.

We charge $100.00 for notarising the first document and $10.00 for each additional document or copy. We accept cash (correct amount only, as we don’t keep change in the office), debit card and credit card (although we don’t accept American Express). We do not have payWave available.

For more information, view our frequently asked questions about notary public services.

Our notary public, Chris Davis, will quickly and carefully deliver the notary services you require.

Our notary public services:

  • Document witnessing
  • Document authentication
  • Obtaining an apostille
  • Obtaining authentication of notarised documents
  • Engaging with Department of Internal Affairs

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26 July 2021

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