This year has been an incredibly challenging one and there are many families in our community struggling to make ends meet. For these families, Christmas can be a time of heightened stress.

We believe that every parent should be able to give their child a present and sit down for a special meal together on Christmas Day, so we dropped off a very full carload of gifts and food to De Paul House earlier in the week.

We chose presents for kids of all ages, everything from boogie boards and Lego to board games and scooters – the kind of presents we’ve given to our own children over the years, ones that led to countless hours of fun and happy memories.

Through this contribution, we hope we can bring a little Christmas joy to families who would otherwise go without.

De Paul House is currently supporting over 65 North Shore families who have bravely asked for help. If you’d like to contribute, please visit De Paul House on Facebook, where they regularly post updates about the goods that are most needed.